Innovation In Connecticut

I attended the Connecticut Technology Council’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit last week.  It was very well-run, and offers a great chance for investors to see a lot of interesting new companies in only a few hours, and for the new companies to practice their elevator pitches. I was able to meet a number of the CTC’s 2010 Top 100 Tech Companies To Watch.

Some of the more interesting companies included: Natural State Research, a Stamford Company with technology that converts plastic into a clean-burning fuel that can be used in existing internal combustion engines; Aquasent, a company formed by three UConn professors that has pretty interesting technology for underwater computer networking, licensed from UConn; and Spot On Networks, which sells wireless Internet access to large residential developments.  A personal favorite was MoxMe!, which has Google and Facebook applications that allow one to integrate children’s school and athletic calendars with one’s own. MoxMe! could theoretically make it possible for me to keep track of which kid needs to be at which field, when.